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Help more voices be heard with better letter-writing support, including AI drafting assistance powered by AI21.

Better Letter Getter

Easy for you.
Easy for your members.

Many people have powerful stories to tell — but they don't feel confident about writing formal letters to important decisionmakers and public comments. Or they get stuck staring at an empty screen … or just don't have the time to express themselves the way they feel is right.

AI drafting assistance and conversational prompts makes telling your story easier, persuasive and fun. Help your members find their voice and tell their story with confidence in letters-to-the-editor, letters to representatives, and public comments.

Simple setup, hosting included

Bring your content. Go live in 10 minutes.

Your page will be live for 45 days at a unique URL. Need longer? Purchase as many extensions as you need.

Works with your brand

Upload a hero image and choose the layout that works best for you.

Your page will always include your logo, website, and privacy policy.

Customizable submission forms

Get the data you need to deliver your letters & to integrate with your CRM.

Toggle full address capture and opt-in checkboxes for email and mobile.

Take your data anywhere

Download a spreadsheet at any time with all your submitted letters, personal information, and tracking codes.

Analytics built in

View live stats on page views and conversion rates.

Run fine-grained campaigns your way with flexible source-tracking and UTM parameters.

Member-written, AI-assisted

Your members talk about why the topic matters to them and their community, and our AI assistant helps draft a persuasive letter to decision makers.

The writer is in control

Each letter is customizable: your members can tune the draft letter's tone to hone in on what they want to say and how they want to say it.

And the writer always has the final say, with a chance to fully customize, refine, and rework the letter after selecting an AI-assisted draft.


Soliciting user inputs conversationally means no more worrying about submissions that say “Dear [MY REPRESENTATIVE]” and “[INSERT YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES HERE]” — your members' thoughts and voice will be incorporated seamlessly into the drafts.

AI optional

Not sure that you want your members interacting directly with an AI drafting assistant?

Turn off the AI features at any time and provide your own sample letters instead to use with our conversational prompting interface.

You'll still be getting more authentic, better letters!

Launch in three easy steps:

Create your letter.

Provide a call-to-action, facts to incorporate, and conversational prompts.

Connect your organization.

Enter in your organization's website, logo, and privacy policy so your members know who you are.

Launch your page.

Send your members and start getting better letters!

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Integrations with letter-delivery platforms like ActionKit, Action Network, and more. (Check out a sneak preview!)

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